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Setting the Standard in Refractive Surgery Management

California Ophthalmic Laser Associates medical group is a  professional corporation ("Medical Group") that was formed in 1999 to provide refractive laser surgery services to patients in California.  COLA, Inc is a non-professional corporation that provides administrative services to support co-management of surgical patients by optometrists and ophthalmologists.  COLA, Inc. is thus an innovative company that fosters co-management of laser and surgical correction by participating with the Medical Group that contracts with surgeons.and  primary eye care providers (PECP). COLA, Inc. also contracts with and offers access to its contracted surgery centers.  Through these contractual relationships, COLA, Inc. has allowed PECP’s to maintain the continuity of care for their patients, while ensuring the quality of care for laser and refractive IOL surgery.

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California Optometric Laser Associates
P.O. Box 1328
Santa Clara, CA 95052
Phone: (510) 895-9657
Fax: (510) 895-9680
Toll Free Phone: (877) 414-COLA